Types of Flea Treatment for Your Dog

One of the most annoying things that could happen to your pet dog is when it gets attacked by fleas. These pests might be tiny and almost invisible to the naked eyes, but they sure cause a lot of trouble. When your dog is attacked by fleas, it can lead to a handful of annoyances like excessive itching and hot spots. And if it is addressed the soonest, the same thing can lead to a serious skin infection. Check out  pet-lock.com to get started.

The good news is that fleas can easily be controlled and prevented using several flea treatment options. Remember that the key here is to help your dog get the relief it needs from the infestation; you must acknowledge right from the get-go that as soon as those pests come to them, the level of discomfort is just too much for them to suffer. To remove the existing fleas and in the process prevent future infestations, you can use any of the follow flea treatments:

1 - Oral Flea Treatments

Oral flea treatments usually come in tablets and chews and they're intended to control the spread and infestation of fleas. When the dog ingests the treatment, it will find its way to the bloodstream, and eventually to the surface of the skin. Once the fleas bite the skin, they're poisoned by the medication. What's even more interesting about oral flea treatments is that many brands these days incorporate other treatments in a single package. Therefore, you can purchase an oral flea treatment which can also prevent intestinal parasites in dogs like roundworms, hookworms, and even heartworm disease. Click her e for more info.

2 - Topical

Another option is a topical flea treatment, which for the most part comes in liquid drop form. The main selling point of this option is that it can not just treat an existing infestation, it also prevents the possibility of a future outbreak. It's easy to use because you only have to apply the product on the skin of the dog. The best area is in between the shoulder blades.

3 - Collars

The third option is as simple as making your dog wear collars coated with chemicals that repel the fleas. But unlike the first two, these plastic bands aren't really treatments but more on prevention. One collar can last for several months. The main advantage of a collar for repelling fleas is that it isn't invasive and is completely risk-free.

4 - Flea Sprays

As the term suggests, flea sprays are sprayed all over the dog's coat, starting from the neck down to the tail. These products are affordable and quite effective in keeping fleas at bay. However, you do have to be careful when spraying near the dog's mouth and eyes because it could poison or irritate them.